Hourly Services

We cannot accept booking if you are travelling in less than 8 hours !

Booking an hourly car service is an advantageous choice for all your transportation needs in Bucharest !

Our luxury hourly car service is ideal for passengers needing private transportation within Bucharest.  When you reserve an hourly car service, the passenger just needs to provide the driver instructions to any destination they need to go. Your driver will also wait for you outside the venue to take them to your next stop. With this option there is no need to worry about wait time in between stops.

Our chauffeurs are professional, courteous, and meet all of our screening requirements. In addition, your chauffeur can pick you up from anywhere within Bucharest – the airport, your home, hotel or place of business.

We offer two-hour minimum rentals for our hourly service !

Sit back and enjoy the ride !


Wherever you travel, business or pleasure, we are here for your demands !